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Community Cleaners has been supporting Madison area companies and providing with cleaning services for over ten years. Our commercial cleaning clients have high expectations, and we support our team in being able to meet them.


Commercial cleaning services on your schedule.

Community Cleaners provides professional commercial cleaning services to establishments throughout the Madison area. We are a licensed, insured cleaning service provider, and we are committed to client satisfaction.

We are a different type of cleaning company. Not only do we provide our clients with full maintenance at a fair price, we do it while treating our workers well and paying them a livable wage. We believe that a motivated and satisfied workforce will better absorb important trainings and will go the extra mile. From personal offices and conference rooms to high-traffic kitchenettes, stairwalls, and bathrooms, you'll see the difference in results.

Feel good about providing your employees and customers with a tidy and sanitized environment while supporting our locally owned, family-run business that is working to change opportunities for motivated workers.


Maintain your curb appeal.

Our clients know that the cleanliness outside the building can be just as important as the interior.A professionally cleaned building exterior builds trust in your business for employees, customers, and prospective customers.

When your parking lot, walkways, and grounds are clean, it provides a welcoming visual for employees and guests, deters loiterers and vandals, and keeps you in compliance with municipal requirements by keeping your exteriors well-maintained.

We know much you value your business, and our trained professionals have you covered.


We serve the greater Madison, Wisconsin area.  Email us if you are outside of Madison and want to know if we serve your area.


Click this link to Request a Quote for service. 

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